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Artche releases his debut EP “Lungs“ on Oddity Records

After appearing twice on Odd Echoes series, and being on the remix duties for the last EP of Julian Wassermann & Raphael Mader on Oddity, Artche presents us his debut EP on the label.

The lead track „Lungs“ is the opener of the EP, an energetic melancholic banger. His powerful groovy bassline, with the combination of the haunting pads and lead synths, create an uplifting vibe full of emotions throughout the track.

On the remix duties, Jody Barr, who also was part of the last Odd Echoes, reworks his version into heavier yet emotional cut.

Going deeper into the EP, „Tether“ is the following track. The arpeggios and brass are the most catchy elements of this one, creating tension while the track builds up. The playing Melodies and harmonies, create a beautiful response between each other, complemented by all other elements.

To close the EP, Artche delivers two versions of „Passenger“ which is the deeper cut. The percussion and arpeggio, slowly build up as the track moves forward, releasing the tension with some beautiful chord pad stabs. The (Alt Mix) bring the version into a breaks mix, that makes you fall into the trip.

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