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Especially in today’s state of the entertainment scene, it’s more important than ever to create constant mental and physical availability through the right communication strategy and brand assets.

reading the data is one thing + we can use it to create massive impact +
reading the data is one thing + we can use it to create massive impact +

Our work begins with the values, the attitude, and the small peculiarities that make a brand unique. And with the most relevant target audiences, our clients want to reach. Together we find hidden, obvious, and future potentials and lay a foundation for concise brand identity. Being able to read the metrics available today from data science is one thing. The other is to decode the essentials and translate them for the emotional world of the entertainment industry. From a deep understanding of the nature and goals of our clients and their target audience, the identity of a brand emerges. For this purpose, we develop identity-creating communication concepts that cause a tingling in the stomach and are based on facts of data science instead of subjective perception. Good ideas, precise evaluations, and depth of content create identity and appeal. Once we have a clear understanding of our client’s brand and analytics we dive into strategic derivations and outline a roadmap with clearly defined goals for our campaigns. Our aim is to create more value for the brand, which results in a higher market presence and relevance. The field of Performance Marketing gives us the technical tools we need in today’s digital world to set up campaigns that matter on all relevant platforms. Combined with clear brand assets and vision, we make sure to produce eye-catching content. Daily tracking, optimization, and a constant flow of creativity make the difference in successful Performance Marketing.

Magnifying our results and creating cost-efficient results for our clients is our number one priority.

Our services

Data Analysis builds the foundation of our work. We trust in numbers and an objective first view on a project, to quickly recognize the potential for optimization.

Where do fans, followers and engages come from? How are they interacting?
In which territories are they living? How do they behave? Which ratios are important to understand behavior patterns?

Numbers don’t lie, but taking them and putting them into context, is what makes this topic a complex field.Yet, we believe in this as a core element of all our projects, to set up a solid foundation on which we can pave the way for the rest of the project.

The fundamental purpose of branding is to identify the source of a product or service. Distinctiveness reduces the need to think, scour and search – thus making life easier for consumers, without them even realizing it. 

Due to this fact, our purpose is to build strong, distinctive assets to increase the number of stimuli that can act as identification triggers for a brand, no matter if this means an artist or an event. Consistency in brand identity is something that many brand strategies lack, particularly across campaigns. 

Having a cross-platform strategy is what each person, who is trying to present something online should think of. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok, YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify…The list goes on and on! To have a consistent content strategy, still fitting into the frame of each platform, is what makes the difference in the long term.

It’s critical to maintain a vibrant presence on your channels, including socials, your website or e-mail list. Still, this is only one piece of the puzzle. Distribution can take many forms, including any tactic used to reach an audience you’re trying to influence.

PR not only builds trust for your brand, but it’s also a great traffic source for new potential fans, followers, and customers. Going hand in hand with the right social and paid output we believe that this makes the difference. 

You’ve got your channels, you’ve got the story, but how are you going to tell it to people? How are you going to build an emotional relationship with your followers online?

Content Marketing for us means, filling the story with life, building a team of dedicated, creative people who can transform a vision into appealing audio-visual content, which has a lasting impression. 

We love Performance Marketing due to several reasons. An understood audience, with the right wording and content piece, can go from no attention to some attention and from some attention to being a dedicated fan and follower. And with the right approach, it’s measurable and scalable.

At MGNFY we are specialized in artists and events:

  • Music Marketing
  • Event Marketing 
  • Tour / Ticket Marketing 
  • Brand Marketing
  • E-Commerce Marketing  

Search Engine Optimization & Advertising – A complex field that is important for every brand, artist, or event who is willing to reach their fans & customers online.
SEO & SEA are one of the key drivers to grow your business and MGNFY offers all relevant modules:

  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page Analysis & Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Content Creation / SEO Optimized Texts
  • Usability Optimization
  • Ad Words Campaigns
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