A boutique management and entertainment agency

Only a free mind is able to create art!

It is a matter of the heart for us to reconcile the free spirit of every artist with the classic structures of business life and the music, live, and entertainment industry.

We act as an interface between the business and the creative world + We protect our artists +
We act as an interface between the business and the creative world + We protect our artists +

Therefore, we act as an interface between these so different worlds and thus grant the artist all the freedom for his creative work. With our attention to detail and trained foresight, we have tailored our clear structures in the areas of accounting, license control, catalog management, copyright settlements, controlling, and calculations with 20 years of experience to the needs of a recording and touring artist. Because only in this way is it possible to offer artists a tailor-made package for sustainable asset building as a consultant right from the start. In this area, we also draw on a large network of specialists, such as tax & business consultants and publishing house owners. We know that only with such a solid foundation in the background, creative thoughts can develop.

We protect our artists to give them the freedom they need!

Our services

Being an artist is one thing, but keeping track of business is another. Handling settlements with record companies, publishers, touring- or booking agencies, merchandising, etc. paired with invoicing, collecting funds, controlling as well as preparing the accounting is all part of good business management.

These tasks, coupled with being the translator between the artist and the tax firm, are what we do for our clients. In addition, we also help to find good investment opportunities or to create the right savings strategies and account models to achieve long-term financial security.

Every artist is releasing lots of records from year to year. Because of this, it is highly important to have a partner on the side who is taking care of royalty statements.

Collecting, controlling, invoicing and accounting go hand in hand with the right catalog management is some one of the most detailed back-ends to-do’s from each artist/management.

It is very important to always be up to date with your own record and release catalog. Organization and filing are some of the most important elements here, to not lose the overview. When I have released what, what are the deal terms and conditions, when will the rights bounce back to me? These and a few more details, we are taking care of to give the artist/producer the freedom he needs.

We help our clients to take care of copyright and publishing details, i.e. to register copyrights or to find the right partners for this, to hold talks with publishers and collecting societies, or for example, to register live-performance rights and neighboring rights.

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