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Welcome to the future!

We are living in a digital world, where reach seems to be a currency, external influences are able to take over control of the artist’s visions and algorithms are telling you, what you like. Is the system broken? No, it is not, it is just a new system!

Think about it, you could combine the control of the data, systematics, loyalty, innovation, structure, truth, and the reliability of data science with the passion, creativity, love, fairness, respect, sensitivity, and emotions of human souls:
This is exactly what we do and what our mission is. We help artists, brands, and event promoters positioning themselves clearly, to tell their own story. To do this, we translate their values into authentic brand identities that take a stand, arouse curiosity, and create emotions. With our four big mainstays under one roof, we are partners, idea generators, co-thinkers, and trendsetters all in one. We work precisely and efficiently while remaining highly flexible. With good management in the areas of Music, Live, Marketing, and Business, we turn our artists, partners, and clients into authentic brands and let them rise.
Ready to move mountains? Let’s go!

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We live by fundamental, human values and believe that these values must also be reflected in our daily business, our dealings with our clients, and internally in our team. It is never about ego or personal sensitivities, but about whether something is right or wrong.

We maintain partnership-based, fair, loyal, and long-term relationships with our clients and always master the respective challenges in a responsible and sustainable manner. #together

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In everything we do, we not only work hard and conscientiously but also as smartly as possible. Our workflow is characterized by being flexible and adaptable at all times, thus representing the thesis "We are the speedboat, not the tanker".

Cloud-based software solutions in all areas, paired with the right know-how and dedication, help us to be clearly structured and organized, to ensure fast and targeted implementation and communication, but also often to simply do things differently and thus to be good! #hustle&grind

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