A boutique management and entertainment agency

Music is the key!

Our hearts are beating for nearly all kinds of music and the highest creativity, which gives us the power to zoom into every single detail of our projects and to magnify the results to their absolute maximum.

we help artists to create a relevant brand + we zoom into every single detail to magnify the results +
we help artists to create a relevant brand + we zoom into every single detail to magnify the results +

We are the partner at the artist’s side, who can map these areas with know-how and a team of in-house and external specialists. Creating an artist’s identity always starts with the right music! We can help our artists bring their visions to life with a large and reliable network of publishers, record companies, or songwriters, in addition to our creativity. With a passion matched only by that of our clients, we are committed to building our artists and brands, crafting groundbreaking contracts, developing the right strategies, and executing on target to play a long-term and solid role in the marketplace through the right artist management.
We help artists to create a relevant brand, stay in business for the long term and succeed, and to create a legacy!

Our services

Our focus is to be the long-term partner for our artists and to assist them with holistic management in all areas. No matter if he is at the beginning of his career or if he is a seasoned, worldwide recognized artist, talent always comes first for us.

Holistic management means for us, to combine the management in the areas of our four big pillars music, live, marketing, and business, and thus to be able to offer the artist a 360degree solution. For missing components, we can always fall back on our existing and long-standing network, to support and promote the artist in the best possible way during his career.

Once the right parameters are in place or the foundations have been laid, the next step is to plan and continue a successful career. Long-term, medium-term, and short-term goals must be worked out, then broken down into intermediate steps and implemented in a goal-oriented manner. No matter if it is about finding the right partners for releases, worldwide touring, or e.g. publishing, we advise our artists at any time in a goal-oriented way in all strategic decisions and steps that are existentially important for their development or advancement.

The success of a product, e.g. a record release, is one thing, but building a long-term and strong brand is much more important. Regularly, the subjective perception outweighs reality. Since in many areas quick and immediately noticeable successes can be achieved, one quickly takes in this feeling of success without analyzing to what extent this success also pays off in the long term for the brand. We help our artists, through the right data analytics paired with the necessary management know-how, to examine exactly this subjective perception, to recognize potentials but also not obvious mistakes, and then to optimize them skillfully with targeted activities.

In addition to the artists who are under contract with us, we also offer a separate assistant service and product management program. This involves assisting the artist with various tasks, as well as supporting him with his releases and managing the associated day-to-day business.

We help our artists to find the right publishing, composition, and songwriting partners. Besides this, MGNFY has its own publishing edition in cooperation with ROBA Music Publishing, based in Hamburg, Germany.

ROBA provides deep expertise across a range of creative services and the most innovative technologies for songwriters, artists, and copyright holders. ROBA are having worldwide partnerships and a deep understanding of networking and helping their clients to be top of the game! Starting in 2014, we have signed more than 150 songs and cuts into our publishing catalog and we are always looking for new talents and new opportunities for our songwriters, composers, and songs.

Besides the obvious and important activities like touring or producing and releasing records, a very important point in the value chain of any artist has become merchandising or even distributing digital products, such as sample packs, plug-ins, etc.

Important in the development of various products is that it fits the respective artist DNA, the sender. Here we help our artists to realize their own ideas and ensure together in advance to work with the right strategy, whether online or offline, for a successful product launch and long-term sales.

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