A boutique management and entertainment agency

Designed to grow our artists and events

We are a team of persistent booking agents and flexible promoters, with great attention to detail in search of the next big festival, unique event, special club show, or project.

a brand in the live world is never finished + with great attention to detail we help archiving goals +
a brand in the live world is never finished + with great attention to detail we help archiving goals +

What we bring to the table are 20 years of experience and a worldwide network of promoters and strategic partners that help to ensure that our clients achieve their goals. We live long-term, trusting relationships with our artists, partners, and clients. Because a brand in the live world is never finished and must be constantly developed and thought through. That’s why we love constructive exchange and questioning the existing in order to constantly improve and develop the artist or event brand. Artists benefit from our network and from the fact that the agency serves as an interface, platform, and recommendation aggregate. Organizers find suitable artists with us, agencies find talent, artists find gigs, and are advised. MGNFY offers artists new opportunities and opens up a wide range of offers for promoters. 
We create opportunities for our artists and events.

Our services

We are not restricted to a certain genre in our selection, but place emphasis on quality above all. Artists benefit from our network and from the fact that we actively approach promoters and do not wait to be contacted. It is our personal touch in everything we do, that makes our service different from other agencies. From building the initial relationships to delivering top level results for our clients.

The life of an artist is hectic. We take care of everything that comes up when it comes to the processes around a gig and make sure that everything is arranged in time. From the promoters request to the artist’s wishes regarding ground travel, hotel and flight. We are the typical Germans when it comes to accuracy and love to plan everything as precisely as possible in advance. We also provide suitable solutions should anything unexpected go wrong. We have the best contacts for arranging visas and other matters.

We connect brands and talent to new audiences by identifying opportunities and finding creative ways to engage them.

What we do for brands? We combine creative, strategic, commercial and legal skills with knowledge of popular culture, technology and entertainment marketing to grow your brand or business in unexpected ways. Our work increases sales, loyalty and brand equity while connecting your brand identity with famous faces and names in the minds of consumers.

Our programming services are coordinated by experienced agents who will identify artists that are best suited for your festival. We will work with you to program a lineup of artists that are relevant in multiple genres, complement each other, and will appeal to your audience. We also have experience buying and selling talent. We will negotiate contracts and ensure that you are paying the best price possible. Our experience in the music industry has given us knowledge and connections which empower us to ensure your success.

We have many years of experience in providing complete artist services. The artist handling services include stage managers, runners, drivers and hostesses. Everything for the artist is arranged down to the last detail, so that the promoter can fully focus on his or her production. We are also specialized in devising, setting up, designing and monitoring the process of “Artist Hosting”. We arrange handling for artists from A to Z. The artist is always in first place and that is noticeable in our artist handling and hosting service.

We take care of productions and events from A to Z. Thanks to our many years of built-up network, we have many good contacts in the production and events industry, which means that we can sharply purchase products and take action quickly and professionally. We are also the right partner for the complete development of a concept. We have extensive experience in supervising all facets of productions and events. If you are looking for professional help with a production or event, you can always contact us without obligation.

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