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Cuebrick releases ear catcher “So L.A.“

Rising dance music icon Cuebrick has hit the NMF community again with his brand new track “So L.A.“ featuring American musicians JVZEL, BAER, and Zach Sorgen, released today via Cologne-based label WePlay Records.

Cuebrick: “So L.A.“ is one of those songs that catches your ear and doesn’t let go until you listen to it again.
The track itself is different than what I normally do or what I normally produce. It’s a different setting, a different vibe.

But in the end, it’s a great tune that I wanted to experiment with some late summer to fall vibes on, and I’m so glad I was able to bring BAER, JVZEL, and Zach on board straight from the city of Los Angeles to bring their homegrown influences on this re-release!“

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