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Felix Kröcher releases his new single “Obsession” on his label “We Are The Night”

After a very successful and musical year 2021, Felix Kröcher is now releasing his last track for this year. His new single „Obsession“ will be released on 10 December on his label „We Are The Night“.

His new single „Obsession“ is meant to reflect the great passion and obsession Felix has for music, nightlife and DJing. Being a DJ is his purpose in life, his obsession, what Felix is all about, and what he is „addicted“ to. No weekend of the year goes untried to be filled with a gig. For Felix, no way is too far to spend the night with his fans.

„Obsession“ is a typical techno track à la Felix Kröcher. Straightforward kick accompanied by a powerful bassline. In the break, a warm, euphoric synth melody sets in, followed by an energetic drop. 

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