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Felix Kröcher releases his new single „Passion“

Felix Kröcher continues his run of releases on July 23rd, with his new single „Passion“. His last single „I Am The Night“, evolved out of the thought of how important the night actually is for him.

As for many people in the industry we noticed that we took things like dancing or meeting in public spaces for granted. Felix used this time of the past months to reflect on the night, to think about what makes the night different and the idea for „I Am The Night“ was born just out of that questions & thoughts.

His new single „Passion“ is just a continuation of this story.

The night is what drives Felix, what makes him feel alive and what is the driver for being active over twenty years in the scene. Combining classic & timeless musical elements, like the strong piano riff, with driving club grooves, „Passion“ is a combination out of the musical directions Felix is widely known for.

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