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Julian Wassermann collaborating with Florian Kruse on new Spectrum EP „Glow Ignition“

Nostalgia, yearning, a sense of loss… As creators we’ve tiptoed a fine line all lockdown, expressing our feelings and frustrations through our work while tapping into the memories, influences and most life-changing moments that have brought us here today. Those feelings have powered us through all of this.

A careful balance of the best times in the past and the strongest hopes for a bright future, you can see, hear and tangibly sense it in so many art forms right now. And you can most definitely hear it on this beautiful Spectrum debut from Florian Kruse and Julian Wassermann.

Long-time collaborators on the likes of Kompakt, Terminal M and Suara (to name a few), here we find Florian and Julian taking us on an emotional trip over two pristine, dreamy tracks that tap into the richest techno minerals. Gentle arpeggios, cathedral size synths and that powerful feeling of natural musical euphoria. Music to get lost inside of, music to hug your friends to, music that brought us all here in the first place. Keep powering through – we’re almost there!

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