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Juliet Fox and Thomas Hoffknecht release their collaboration “Time’s Running Out”

Thomas Hoffknecht continues his run of this years’ discography with his new track “Time’s Running Out”, a collaboration with the Australian DJane Juliet Fox.

Thomas Hoffknecht: “Juliet Fox flashed me with her tracks “6am” and “Click the Bottom”. She has a great sense of vocals and her voice is wonderfully on point. Personally, it’s a great pleasure to work with her and when I think of an artist with vocals, she’s the first one that comes to my mind. She knew what she wanted, I knew what I wanted, and in the end, the collaboration was an A+.”

Combining their forces they came up with this dark and pumping production.
The track features a deep and hovering bassline supported by a strong kick and guiding synths.
In the break, Juliet brings in her own voice in combination with stunning processing on the vocal parts.

“Time’s Running Out” is the first track of his upcoming EP.

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