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MGNFY & ewents found new booking agency named “Phantom“

Two become one: The German entertainment agencies ewents GmbH and MGNFY GmbH are joining forces and founding a new booking agency in Frankfurt with the Phantom Agency. With a focus on the music genres techno and tech house, the Phantom Agency, headed by Sven Schaller and Martin Königsmann, forms a new hotspot for national and international artists. The portfolio already includes more than 20 successful artists such as Felix Kröcher, Pappenheimer, T78, or Space 92.

Sven Schaller and Martin Königsmann, who have been working in the music industry for over 20 years, have already worked together in partnership on a wide variety of projects. During this time, the two industry experts have always found that they share the same views and philosophies, and thus also pursue the same goals – reliability, seriousness, and fairness. The merger and founding of Phantom Agency was therefore only a matter of time for Sven Schaller and Martin Königsmann.

Long-time companions such as Frankfurt DJ and artist Felix Kröcher are also looking forward to the collaboration, commenting, „Both Martin and Sven I have known for many many years – Now being able to pull together with both of them makes me look extremely positively into the future!“

The Phantom Agency has made it it’s business to represent national and international artists in the best possible way. It is the interface between promoter, organizer, booker, and the individual artist.

With great passion, the artists are specifically developed in the core markets and the focus is on the regular acquisition of national and international shows.

The Würzburg techno DJ, Pappenheimer, has this to add: „I am happy that Sven and Martin are now really putting their plan into action. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all plans can be realized and I’m happy to be a part of it. Here’s to many exciting projects and a great collaboration!“

The following artists are represented by Phantom Agency: AKKI, ALIVEMAEX, Artche, Balthazar & Jackrock, Cosmic Boys, Felix Kröcher, GNTN, Illario Allicante, Jøren Oz, Juliana Yamasaki, Kaiserdisco, Kaspar, Kerstin Eden, Kiko, KIVI, LEVT, Massane, Matt Mus, O.B.I, Pappenheimer, Sebastian Groth, Space 92, T78, Thomas Hoffknecht, Timmo.

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