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MGNFY is on track for success as a ticket marketing and artist management agency!

A paradox rarely heard in times of the Covid 19 pandemic:
MGNFY, the agency further developed in March 2021 to deal with artist management, booking, the production of its own festivals, and ticket marketing for external promoters, continues to be on the road to success. Marco Völkel and Martin Königsmann have always been convinced of a holistic agency approach. Event organizers have particularly well received their newly developed ticket marketing concepts from all over Germany in recent months. MGNFY now supports more than 70 event organizers in the areas of ticket, social media, and performance marketing and has already been able to sell more than 250,000 tickets with and for their clients and is still looking for support for their team in the areas of marketing and accounting.

Martin Königsmann, founder and CEO of MGNFY:
„We are thrilled that in such a difficult time for the event industry directly, our agency was able to make such a start. In the past one and a half years, we have been active in ticket marketing for many events. There were and are very many exciting projects: Nature One, Cat Ballou, Sparkassenpark Mönchengladbach, Pioneer DJ, SMAG Sundance, Docklands Festival or the Strandkorb Open Air series with over 70 concerts.“

Also on the road to success are the artists represented by MGNFY in management, who are now an integral part of some of the biggest festivals worldwide, including Tomorrowland, Coachella, EDC Las Vegas, Burning Man, Parookaville, Nature One, and many more. From Australia to the US and from Asia to Europe, MGNFY artists are in demand and on the road in all parts of this world.

Some milestones in 2022 for the agency included a platinum award that Virtual Riot and MGNFY received for their collaboration on the Justin Bieber album „Justice,“ which was also nominated for a Grammy, or the legendary Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, which was sold out by Virtual Riot’s first major solo show.

The German House Music artist Marten Hørger works among others with artists like David Guetta, celebrated his debut on Ibiza and is in the starting blocks for his next North American tour with over 30 dates, and is the new resident DJ of the 1LIVE program „DJ Session“. Further, the new cooperation in management with UMEK, one of the hottest techno artists worldwide, as well as the producer duo Donkong, who worked together with German pop stars like Clueso, just to name a few agency highlights.

Marco Völkel, founder and CEO of MGNFY comments, „Through an agile team that covers all relevant management areas such as project, social media, and product management, we are able to provide holistic support to our artists and thus support and accompany major steps in their careers.“

Likewise, in 2022, after a forced break of three years, the „Sunset Beach Festival“ in Haltern am See, sold out with 12,000 people, the „Farbenwald Festival“ in Borken, newly launched by MGNFY, became a sold-out success, and the company’s own gastronomy „Sunset Beach Bar“ (also in Haltern am See) recorded a successful summer season.

With regard to the year 2023, Marco Völkel and Martin Königsmann are still optimistic. The first music projects and tours are already in the pipeline, as well as talks in the area of marketing, for the coming year, with event organizers throughout Germany are already in full swing: so they are also looking for personnel to support them in marketing, among other things. Especially in the areas of social media marketing, which means maintaining the social media channels of their customers, the area of performance marketing, which combines everything about paid campaigns on Meta, Instagram, Google, and TikTok, as well as the area of content creation (video and photo editing), as well as accounting/bookkeeping and an apprentice for marketing communications.

The Ticket Marketing Success Concept
One of the growth drivers of MGNFY’s success is primarily the ticket marketing concepts developed in-house, which the agency implements together with a large number of event organizers throughout Germany.

„We know exactly where problems and challenges can arise in the marketing and ticket sales of an event. Why? Because we faced them ourselves for years and developed our own solution, which we now offer externally,“ comments Marco Völkel.

Ticket marketing concepts thrive on a variety of areas of action, which can be adapted, again and again, tailored to the event organizer and the respective brand, regardless of the event type. In the foreground is the content to be produced, which is the basis for successful campaign placement, as well as the maintenance of the relevant social media channels.

„There are often a lot of gaps, both in the content production process and in the awareness of how much content is really necessary for successful positioning of the event. There are umpteen components to play with here and to consider when conceptualizing and creating. We advise the organizers there and, if necessary, coordinate the videographers, photographers, and graphic designers,“ adds Martin Königsmann.

Once the content is ready, the team moves on to social media marketing and performance marketing. The guiding question is always: How can the platform potential be used across the board to maximize organic reach for the organizer? The overarching goal here is to develop an efficient campaign structure based on the available content, which keeps costs low and maximizes ticket sales for the event organizer.

Another advantage of the ticket marketing concepts is that the organizer can track in real-time which measures lead to which generated results.

Over 70 promoters and more than 250,000 tickets sold
The analysis and interpretation of data during and after a project is essential for us. By supporting over 70 event organizers with hundreds of events, we can draw on a wealth of reference values and experience that an individual organizer would find difficult to obtain. This enables us to derive tailor-made concepts, recommendations for action, and potentials for event organizers.

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