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MGNFY’s Ticket Marketing for the Glücksgefühle Festival

A magnificent Debut – Glücksgefühle Festival Takes the Industry by Storm

The Glücksgefühle Festival, created by Markus Krampe, one of Germany’s most successful event organizers, and Lukas Podolski, a football professional and successful entrepreneur, made its debut at the Hockenheimring last weekend and has written an impressive success story over the past few months. The event quickly became the largest German festival, not only featuring top-tier music acts from the pop, hip-hop, and EDM genres, but also boasting a massive online presence and record-breaking ticket sales. Under the marketing leadership of MGNFY, in close collaboration with ticket service provider See Tickets and the creative and social media agency Heinersdorff Media, the festival became a major success and set new standards in the events industry.

Jakob Siegler, CEO of See Tickets, added, „The collaboration with MGNFY and Glücksgefühle was a perfect blend of technology and human engagement.“

The key to success lay primarily in the holistic marketing strategy that effectively integrated both digital and traditional marketing efforts.

It served as a shining example of progress

A Paradigm of Progress With over 100,000 attendees on-site, the Glücksgefühle Festival not only attracted a large fanbase but also garnered the attention of the broader public.

This achievement is owed not only to the outstanding artists but also to the remarkable ticket marketing campaign by MGNFY in collaboration with See Tickets and Heinersdorff Media. Since late 2022, MGNFY has played a pivotal role as the creative driving force behind the Glücksgefühle Festival, developing a comprehensive marketing strategy and setting new standards for future events. See Tickets has been an exclusive ticket service provider for the Glücksgefühle Festival from the outset.

The openness to new ideas and technologies within this project team was inspiring and is the cornerstone of this success, as stated by Jakob Siegler, CEO of See Tickets.

The collaboration between the two companies began with the Ticket Marketing Online Sessions around the Berlin Dance Music Event 2023, where Tim Gasseling, Martin Königsmann, and Jan Gasber held a panel titled „How To Sell Tickets Online Fast.“ Additionally, they plan to regularly release industry updates and relevant news on ticketing and marketing through the „How To Sell Tickets Online Fast“ newsletter.

Organizer Markus Krampe commented, „The ticket marketing campaign by MGNFY and our ticket service provider See Tickets has helped us elevate the Glücksgefühle Festival to a new level and create a unique experience for our attendees.“

Lukas Podolski as Brand Ambassador for the Glücksgefühle Festival

The power of community and the enthusiasm of football legend Lukas Podolski were crucial elements in the impact of this festival. Beyond his role as a co-organizer, Podolski embodied the festival’s passion. With his exceptional charisma and infectious positive energy, Podolski gave the Glücksgefühle Festival a unique touch and established a special connection with the attendees.

Digital Magic: The Festival Playground

High-quality content brought the Glücksgefühle Festival directly to the heart of its target audience. The festival achieved tremendous reach on social media, resulting in a significant media value. Heinersdorff Media’s team transformed their production hall into a festival playground, where emotional short videos featuring artists, festival influencers, and Lukas Podolski were created. These concise, impactful videos captivated the audience and established a strong digital presence long before the festival’s first edition.

Making the Glücksgefühle Festival Unforgettable!

The combination of a top-notch lineup, the legendary Hockenheimring location, and Lukas Podolski’s strong presence formed the festival’s unique selling point. The slogan „The Largest Music Festival in Germany“ permeated all communication and emphasized that this festival aimed to revolutionize the German event and music industry.

A Symphony of Classic and Digital Marketing Efforts

The success of the Glücksgefühle Festival was enabled by a combination of classic and digital marketing measures. A well-thought-out strategy seamlessly connected various channels in an impressive manner. Targeted advertising campaigns on platforms such as META, Google, YouTube, TikTok were deployed from the outset to achieve broad reach and engage potential attendees through different channels, leading to increased ticket sales.

A Promise for the Future

This formula for success sets the standard for future events of all kinds. The ticket marketing campaign for the Glücksgefühle Festival reveals the secrets of a successful event brand:

●  A ticketing partner like See Tickets, providing the necessary database, tracking capabilities, and a well-functioning shopping system with all the flexibilities to create an ideal customer journey, serves as the foundation for successful marketing.

●  Building trust through charismatic personalities and captivating content.

●  A holistic approach effectively combining traditional and digital marketing measures.

●  A cross-platform promotional strategy that reaches festival enthusiasts everywhere.

●  Collaborations and influencer marketing as keys to gaining the audience’s trust.

●  The power of emotions: high-quality short video content as a catalyst for organic reach.

●  Intensive community management that allows festival enthusiasts to feel a genuine connection with the people behind the brand.

The Glücksgefühle Festival has impressively demonstrated that a cleverly orchestrated marketing strategy, coupled with passion and a clear vision, paves the way for extraordinary success. MGNFY, See Tickets, and Heinersdorff Media have set new standards with their ticket marketing campaign. As the festival industry continues to evolve, it becomes increasingly important for marketing experts to understand the changing landscape. By seamlessly integrating traditional and digital marketing techniques and nurturing a loyal community, sustainable and successful event brands can be created.

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