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Sounds Of Space: Virtual Riot produces a track with sounds from the ISS

Virtual Riot looks back on an eventful 2021: producing together with Skrillex for the Justin Bieber album „Justice“, which was nominated for a Grammy, his album release „Simulation“ and an album tour across the United States of America. With around one million monthly listeners, Christian Valentin Brunn (Virtual Riot) is at the spearhead of the electronic music scene. 

As if that were not enough, a legendary cooperation with the „Sounds Of“ format of Kliemannsland GmbH and cineteam hannover GmbH on behalf of funk – the young content network of ARD and ZDF from Germany – was now on the agenda.

Virtual Riot chose no less a place than outer space for this production. What is special about it? The sounds he formed into a musical work come from Matthias Maurer, a German ESA astronaut who recorded over 30 sounds on the ISS.  

These range from the toilet door to ventilation noises to the sounds of the control panels on the station. These sounds were then used to create the kick, percussion, hi-hat, and other elements of the song.

The song was then produced and recorded at the Planetarium in Hamburg. Virtual Riot has managed to produce a unique musical work, symbolic of the connection between Earth and space. 

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