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This year, we had the pleasure to support one of the biggest electronic music festivals in Germany in the field of Performance Marketing. We were responsible to operate all paid campaigns on Meta, Instragam, YouTube & Google.

In the first place, it was about brainstorming and identifying the unique selling points aligned and associated with the legendary festival.

Nature One has a historic standing, with the first event taking place in 1995.

This importance of the event is portrayed in the community of Nature One. The festival symbolizes values that reminded us of a big family and community, where everyone is welcomed and accepted the way he/she is. Nature One has a big lineup with the most successful acts in the world, but the people make the festival unique.

These associations needed to be transferred to the creatives we were using to build a successful campaign.

When it comes to the campaign set-up our approach is straightforward.

Since the IOS 14 update, our focus is on a consolidated campaign set-up, utilizing the biggest possible audience and more focus on the caption and creatives to give the algorithm all information to outline and target potential buyers.

We started working with our creative matrix and mapped out the factors, which needed to be outlined in our video, picture & graphic content for the campaign.

We started with several testing campaigns on Meta and Instagram to generate the first reference results: Which custom, lookalike, or interest audience in combination with which asset is generating the best results?

„A really exciting project with a great result for the whole team at MGNFY. Thanks for the trust!”
Jan Gasber, Head of Marketing at MGNFY
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