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ESKEi83 & POULISH KID released their new collaboration “Lift Off”

ESKEI83 is set to elevate the drum & bass scene with his latest single „Lift Off“. With its infectious rhythms and driving basslines, this track will get listeners dancing. The single is a collaboration with the German singer POULISH KID, he has played support for Gashi & Oliver Tree, and is an upcoming artist in the Indie & Electro Music Scene.  

ESKEI83: „I found out about Poulish Kid because his mix between alternative & electro sounds made a lot of noise in my circle. We had to make it track together that blows off the roof.“ 
POULISH KID: “As ESKEI83 asked me to do a track with him there was only one answer: HELL YEAH! Im a big fan of ESKEI83 and his shows which are always so powerful and energetic.  

During the writing process, I was thinking about an astronaut who was waiting in a spaceship, ready for Lift Off. That must be a very nerve-wracking and energy-laced moment and I wanted to take these feelings and put them into the lyrics.” 

„Lift Off“ is a hybrid of the genres Drum & Bass and Indie features a creative soundscape influenced by the sounds of an electric guitar, and has an energetic and uplifting vibe. It is a testament to ESKEI83’s skills as a producer, with his intricate sound design and expertly crafted beats. 

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