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Felix Kröcher releases his new single “Conclusion” on his label “We Are The Night’

Felix Kröcher’s previous releases „Obsession“, „Illusion“ and „Expression“ addressed how artists can survive the times of the pandemic and use them at the same time. Many artists were trying new things, trying to educate themselves and express their feelings and emotions through music. For a long time, we all floated in the illusion of finally reuniting on the dance floors of the world.

„Conclusion“ sums up that very feeling and gives the go-ahead to finally make that goal a reality. Line ups for upcoming shows and festivals are being released, artists are slowly starting to travel the world again and play their music in front of their fans. „Conclusion“ is the light at the end of the tunnel and should convey the feeling that things are now looking up again. Felix Kröcher can not wait to see you all again on the dancefloor!

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