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Thomas Hoffknecht releases a new EP on Drumcode!

Thomas Hoffknecht steps up for his Drumcode EP debut.

In a year with few highlights, the producer’s induction into the Drumcode fold marked a distinct positive. Inspired by visits to the Planetarium in his hometown of Hamburg, Hoffknecht’s ‚Antaris‘ EP is an immersive five-track work that charts the breadth of his raw, yet captivating style. The title track is driven by a catchy organ-driven riff and marching percussion and is awash with atmospheric intensity. ‚Comet‘ is propelled by energetic stabs and shuffling beats. ‚Regulus‘ is cosmic techno at its finest, as swirls of intergalactic melody radiate a halcyon spirit. ‚Sirius‘ makes its mark with a shimmering synth-line and spoken word vocal, which adds to the track’s dream-like texture. ‚Wega‘ is a low-end rattler that comes up for air thanks to a piercing vox sample that smacks of ’90s rave flavour.

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