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AKKI returns to 1605 with his EP „Loneliness“

UMEK’s record label 1605 welcomes the return of AKKI, who delivers two peak-time techno tracks with driving percussion and tantalizing tension.

AKKI already had a mixed artist release on 1605 and is now back with a solo EP. This release has already been supported by UMEK and is a testament to AKKI’s explosive style, combining captivating synth lines with hard-hitting percussion.

„Loneliness“ opens the release with an acid synth line nestled between a pulsating bassline and droning ride cymbals, overlaid with the twisted euphoria of the captivating lead synth. The epic breakdown provides a moment of calm before the drums kick back in and kick the track up a gear.

„The End“ is another fast and furious track with rapid drum rhythms and acidic synths underpinned by a thumping kick drum. The epic breakdown introduces cinematic vocals before breaking out into the rapturous tones of the monstrous lead synth.

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