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More than 7 years in the music business as a producer and DJ under his established former project lead to what DIEGO SAN DIEGO stands for.

A developed and unique personality that stretches from fashion and architecture into his music and the ability to get his message across in various ways. His personal history comes colored with a world of influences from his southern Spanish and Brazilian roots to his German adolescence and the 90s hip-hop culture.

His versatile trademark sound always based on round and punchy low-end kicks and provocative original vocals in the world between house and tech house never fails to leave a physical impact on your body and creates a space where you can disconnect and dive into a world full of energy, rhythm, and groove.

Plenty of gig experiences reaching from festivals and bigger crowds to the most exclusive after-parties from Berlin to New York makes DIEGO SAN DIEGO one of the hottest insider tips in the scene.



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