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Chapter Zero

Inurfase Massive at Bootshaus sells out 2.000 tickets in 48h

Since 2015 Inurfase is one of the leading hardcore event promoters in Germany. With more than 30 events and over 50.000 music enthusiasts, the brand is known for high-quality events in selected locations all over Germany.

Our collaboration with INURFASE started back in June 2021, when Sascha, the owner & CEO of INURFASE approached us. The brand was looking for a partner, who understands the event industry and has a bright skill set in the field of social media, performance & content marketing.

Let’s magnify the results

Sold out in 48 hours
tickets sold
spent in advertising budget
Conversion value Facebook & Instagram

As INURFASE essentially is a music brand, we started to place the brand on Spotify. “The Hard Sound by Inurfase” was the idea of a weekly selected playlist, showcasing the musical direction of the brand and giving fans & listeners another music related asset to identify themselves with the brand.

Spotify offers a lot of options creating seamless and effective connections to Social Media platforms, especially Facebook & Instagram. Spotify’s special integration with Instagram Stories allows you to share content to IG Stories with a clickable link that directs followers straight to Spotify. We did weekly musical updates & postings to keep informing followers on Social Media about the playlist.

In addition to that, we used the power of paid ads on Instagram Story’s to approach potential listeners & new followers and direct them to the playlist. With an analysis of listening behaviours, we had a real clear targeting profile with a focus on the German market.

The playlist started to grow to nearly 2.000 followers within the first 6 weeks of the campaign. Next to that, we started to prepare the marketing roll-out for Inurfase Massive: Chapter Zero, taking place at Bootshaus on September 4th.

Our event-marketing blueprint works in various marketing lifecycle’s. It’s incredibly important to understand these lifecycle’s, as individuals have predictable buying habits when it comes to marketing an event.

These lifecycles consist of four distinct periods of time:
With these marketing phases, we defined the individual timings for INURFASE Massive and outlined the following plan.
„MGNFY is not only a reliable marketing agency, but qualifies itself especially by the mutual respectful interaction, which makes the cooperation extremely pleasant. The entire MGNFY team takes concerns into account, tries to implement them in their consulting activities in the best possible way and always answers questions with approaches to solutions. Teamwork between all parties always comes first, which creates a creative, well-organized and ideal working environment at eye level. This allows us to focus on the event itself and the related content, while MGNFY takes care of all advertising and analysis, which greatly simplifies ticket sales.”
Sascha Ewe, CEO, ewents GmbH
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